Interpreting for people with learning disadvantages

Last year, I interpreted in a case with four defendants charged with counts contrary to Section 18 A. Just before their PTPH, a duty barrister and I got down to meet “my” defendant in the court’s custody so the barrister could talk with him. We had no much time, maybe twenty minutes all together to get back to a courtroom. 

Is the Paradise made of Silk?

13,7 % of the Queen’s Counsels are women. Not that bad when compared with 9.7% of women in the British Army Forces. Why do I compare it with the Army? Because these two areas, the Bar and the Army, have very much in common indeed.

To be or not to be an Interpreter in the Court?

Over the last several months, I interpreted in 100 kg of illegally imported heroine case, for a person who was dying, for a woman in labour, and in a murder case that ended up with a life prison sentence. I am now writing these words not as an Interpreter but as a Behavioural Specialist and Development Trainer. 

To wise women

I must admit that I have never been a feminist. I’ve just had no time, and as I look at my future plans, there is no chance for me to become a feminist. I just won’t have time.

What makes someone think s/he is not talented?

‘’I am not talented. I am not talented enough. I cannot achieve this/that because I’m not gifted. S/he is so lucky because talents s/he has got.’’ How many times has such a hidden silent monologue taken place in our heads? How many times have we stopped any action to make our dreams come true? 90% of people think they have…

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£ 12 billion annual profits in child trafficking

Can you imagine how much it is £ 12 billion? Can you imagine who are the people who stand behind children trafficking? Can you imagine your child kidnaped for sex trafficking? Or for an organ’s implant? Or for a slavery work? You would have done a lot to stop trafficking children, wouldn’t you? So, why don’t you?