A war between tenants and landlords

Last year, I was looking for a flat to rent. Despite being a mature professional, I was a tenancy virgin: I had no idea how to deal with an agency, what to look for in a flat and more importantly, for my comfort, health and safety. Eventually I found a flat, a big studio near to a beautiful park. I…

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The Main Mistake in Project Management

Project Managers are to achieve goals and make a project completed. They start with setting the main goal. Then they divide the main goal into smaller goals. Then they build a plan to achieve every smaller goal. They start with planning what they should do to accomplish every stage /every step-goal/ on a project course. And this is the main…

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Why people don’t share what you publish and how to avoid it

You write, you publish, you want to deliver the best of your wisdom, experiences, your inner-self. But people don’t share it. You deliberate, you consider, you worry, you start negative thinking about the quality you deliver. You ask yourself: what am I doing wrong that stops people sharing? You are doing nothing wrong. You probably don’t understand why people don’t share…

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A tidy, tiny, polite woman in a prison

I met her in a female prison in Manchester a couple of months ago. A tiny, tidy, decent, a very scared woman in her forties. She used to speak quietly, with a characteristic, careful way of choosing words. She said she didn’t intend to kill either her husband or her son. 

Myths of Creativity

A while ago, a friend of mine, a dancer, a singer, a type of ‘performance’ woman, a graduate from an art school, told me that her boyfriend had recently become a project manager. She commented like this: “Ufff, what a boring, uncreative task he’s facing right now”. I must add that the aforementioned boyfriend is a very talented and experienced carpenter…

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How to lose every sale

You are an HR recruiter heading to tons of applications and you will end up with lots of complains in your head about people who want to become sales representatives. They are not the ones you need, they have not got the required skills, they have none of the experience needed by the job. But your job has to be…

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How to lose in negotiation in the most effective way

Everything is a negotiation. Wherever you look you see multiple negotiations taking place. At work for your salary rise, for an advancement, for a better desk or for a co-educational restroom, for lower gender ostracism. Within your family relations; what has to be done by whom, who takes a dog for a walk tonight, who organises holiday this year, who…

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